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Billing Services

“It is not the bill itself, but rather what happens to the bill after it leaves the office that matters most.”
– Linda Caffier, President, Code 3 Billing Services.

Profitable results are achieved through effective accounts receivable management, follow-up, and, frankly, diligence and hard work.

Routinely and professionally telephoning patients, hospitals, insurance companies, and prompt response to information requests is vital.

      Every phone call and written correspondence we iniate or receive is precisely documented — enabling improved collection and a more complete legal record.

      We try our very best to answer “personally” every phone call to prevent, when possible, calls to our voicemail.  We know this reduces patient frustration and increases opportunities for claim resolution, which improves your cash per transport

Critical to improving your bottom line is identifying and immediately acting on unfavorable payment trends.

      As an example, we noticed an increase in pending letters from auto insurers requesting a copy of the ambulance report (Patient Care Report) narrative. This adverse payment trend caused a 30-day payment delay to our clients and an increased risk that the benefits under the policy would be exhausted, resulting in no payment.

      We responded with an immediate programming change that printed the narrative together with the bill to circumvent any future insurance company requests and payment delays.

We bill within 24 business hours of receipt of your information from your NEMSIS certified PCR software, improving your cash flow and minimizing your risk of not getting paid.

      Since our certified ambulance coders import data instead of keypunching, there is plenty of time left during the work day for addressing collection and follow-up issues on pended or denied claims.

We intend to challenge your organization in giving us better and more credible documentation. We routinely identify poorly written PCRs and will make you keenly aware of any shortcomings we identify.

      Our unique process enables us to individually identify and improve documentation issues that hinder payment or reflect poorly in post payment review audits.

      Prompt pay on clean claims is vital to your organization’s financial health as they significantly impact timely claim payment and the ability to properly appeal denied claims.

It is essential for an ambulance service to find excellent services at the most affordable price. Choosing vendors who are aware of your industry challenges, who react quickly, while providing superior economic value, greatly enhances the fiscal security of your organization.


Code 3 developer partners are technologically proficient and can interface with any NEMSIS PCR Software.  We can also provide an easy to use,  reasonably priced NEMSIS approved, software that your service may find a great value.